The Rearview Mirror

Your car is parked in the driveway of life and you’re checking the mirror

In it you can see the reflection of four years gone by

When  first you came here with strong smell of fear

The sense of wanting to fight when you really wanted to cry


Scared little children making your place in this world

Pushing back at authority every step of the way

Groaning and growing, getting lost and breaking rules

While looking you forward to your graduation day


We’ve watched you pull slowly into traffic as budding young adults

Learning that sideview mirrors are more important than your phone

Beginning to drive upright in your seat for best results

You’re now in rush hour traffic, and you’re driving alone


As you attempt a lane change on the day of your commencement

Take a quick check of both sideviews, the rearview, and then go

There are cars all around that may cause a small dent

But life is filled with dents, lessons learned, and time well spent


There will be many times you will be afraid to change lanes

Because you feel too safe and comfortable in a stagnant space

But you must have enough faith to merge into that opening

Your rearview reminds you not to stay in the same place


The people in your life have poured wisdom into you

We’ve given you a car of life to start you on your way

Be safe as you maneuver through this world

If you have a small accident, it’ll still be okay


Today, your teachers, counselors, and administrators are in your rearview

Your bright future lies right in front of your windshield

The Richwood High School Staff will always be there for you

When you’re empty, adjust your mirror for a refill.


You have completed high school but your work is still not done

So get out there in traffic of life and don’t be afraid to take it slow

Your rearview mirror will show you how far you have come

But the windshield shows how much further you can go