Pieces of My Heart

Everyone wants to find a true love. One that will never cheat, leave, or lie

A love that you know comes from God above. Once in a lifetime this love comes along.

I held on to love with all my might. But my hands were empty when I looked down.

I thought we needed counseling to save us. But you didn’t think anything was wrong.


My heart was broken when you asked me for it. You said you could make it like new.

I trusted you to mend what I thought couldn’t be mended. You said you could fix anything.

You said you have big decisions to make and you don’t want me to get hurt.

I was hurt long ago when you remodeled your heart. It was the beginning of our last spring.


The joy of meeting a pure heart, or the facade of wanting it to be

I fell utterly and completely in love, but you were never in love with me

I tried so much to be your best, I longed to be your last

You pushed me aside almost immediately, I ignored it while praying it would pass


For many years, I  dedicated my heart to you, waiting for your love in return

I failed to realize you never intended to change your ways, because I was never a priority

You could call or see me whenever you wanted, once a week, once a month or not at all

When you said you planned to get married and travel someday. Like a fool, I thought you meant with me


Whenever I would ask you to spend more time with me, your answer would always be “soon”

Well, soon means a few days, months, or weeks. I never knew it could mean years from now

That’s how long I’ve waited for you to love me. How long I wanted to be made first

My love, my life is too important to me. I have to correct the mistakes I made.


I’m not perfect to you, but I’m perfect for me. God made me to be His best

He gave me a beautiful mind and personality. He filled my heart  with  kindness

But a heart in a thousand pieces can’t keep giving out love. Always trampled on and torn apart

A wet pillow is no good after unfaithful years. Long years of heartache blindness.


This is the story of a broken heart. A heart in a painting by Picasso.

The beauty is admired from a distance. But up close you can see the chaos.

A masterpiece composed by Beethoven. Each note deliberate and concise

A script by Shakespeare of love unrequited. A tragedy of death and despair.




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